Film simulation that works like a charm

RNI has great products to help photographers and videographers to easily bring the artistic flair of film into their digital workflow

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Digital Tools Born from Film Emulsions

All RNI photo editing products derive from real film emulsions and are carefully crafted to recreate the look and feel of your favourite film brands in the most realistic manner, transferring the distinctive tonal richness and colour harmony of analog photography into digital. 


Products that Suit Your Process

 RNI film simulation is available in various forms for desktop and mobile users, photographers and videographers*. This makes for a perfect lineup of creative tools seamlessly integrated into your digital workflow.

Lightroom / ACR presets
iOS Apps
LUTs for Videographers
— coming soon

For Lightroom / ACR users

RNI All Films 4.0

Beautiful and accurate film presets made after real film stocks plus customised camera profiles for a wide range of supported cameras. An artistic tool that empowers you to take the most out of your gear.

Organised into 5 categories: Negative, Slide, Instant, BW and Vintage, each containing a great selection of carefully crafted presets simulating real film emulsions from early Kodachromes and Agfacolors to the present day Portras and Superias. 

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For mobile photographers

iOS Apps

Amazing companion apps for photography aficionados.
RNI Films — real film simulator and a powerful image editor.
RNI Flashback — makes unique and pronounced analog looks in one tap.
RNI Colibri — makes your colour pop in a smart and intelligent way

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For videographers

RNI All Films - Video

Brings the look and feel of photographic films to your video editing process. Will be available later this year as a library of real-film LUTs tailored to the needs of professional videographers.

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