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What’s new in version 2.1

The list of included presets updated. Check out the full list of films included at the bottom of this page. Bug fixes and colour accuracy improvements.

Bringing photos to life

Enjoy the true colours of analog photography with our film presets for Adobe Lightroom. ‘Iconic Films 2.1′ is a collection of 66 film presets in one package representing the most recognised films of 20th century. Based on analysis and precise measurements of real films this collection gives you a superior professional tool to simulate look and feel of your favourite films in Lightroom just in one click. This package also includes our Essentials Toolkit to provide quick control over contrast, grain, vignette and slide frame effect.

How it works

After you have added these presets to your Lightroom you can start using them straight away. Applying them to your photos just in one click. How about the result? Just have a quick glance at our samples gallery below.


Film Presets Included

Black & White
– Ilford Delta 100
– Ilford Delta 400 new
– Ilford Delta 800 new
– Ilford Delta 3200 new

Color Instant
– Fuji FP 100C
– Fuji FP 100C Alt new
– Fuji FP 100C Cool Fade
– Fuji FP 100C Warm Fade
– Fuji Instax Mini 8 new
– Polaroid 600 new
– Polaroid 669
– Polaroid 669 Cold new
– Polaroid 669 Warm new
– Polaroid 690
– Polaroid 690 Faded new

Color Negative
– Agfa 100F Print
– Agfa Vista 100
– Agfa Vista 100 Warm
– Fuji Pro 800z
– Fuji Superia 200
– Fuji Superia 400
– Fuji Superia 800
– Fuji Superia 1600
– Kodachrome 40′s new
– Kodachrome 40′s Faded new
– Kodachrome 50′s Cool new
– Kodachrome 50′s Warm new
– Kodachrome 60′s new
– Kodachrome 60′s Warm new
– Kodachrome 1958
– Kodachrome 1958 Faded
– Kodak Color 200
– Kodak Color 400
– Kodak Ektachrome
– Kodak Ektachrome Cool
– Kodak Ektachrome Faded new
– Kodak Ektachrome HC new
– Kodak Ektachrome Warm
– Kodak Ektar 100 new
– Kodak Ektar 100 Alt new
– Kodak Ektar 100 Alt 2 new
– Kodak Ektar 100 Green new
– Kodak Ektar 100 Red new
– Kodak Elite Chrome
– Kodak Elite Chrome DR new
– Kodak Elite Chrome DR2 new
– Kodak Elite Chrome Expired
– Kodak Portra 160
– Kodak Portra 160 Alt new
– Kodak Portra 160 Alt 2 new
– Kodak Portra 160 Expired
– Kodak Portra 160 Print
– Kodak Portra 160 Warm
– Rollei Digibase
– Rollei Digibase Cool
– Rollei Digibase Extra DR
– Rollei Digibase Warm
– Rollei Digibase Warmer

Color Slide
– AgfaChrome 1978
– Agfa RSX Aged
– Fuji Fortia SP
– Fuji Fortia SP Cool
– Fuji Fortia SP HC
– Fuji Fortia SP Warm
– Kodak E200
– Kodak E200 Alt new



Film Essentials / correction tools Included


– Fade
– Fade +1
– Fade +2
– Fade +3
– Grain 100
– Grain 200
– Grain 400
– Grain 800
– Grain 1600
– Slide Frame Black
– Slide Frame White
– Smart Contrast -1
– Smart Contrast -2
– Smart Contrast +1
– Smart Contrast +2
– Vignette
– Vignette +1
– Vignette +2
– Reset all Essentials
– Reset Contrast
– Reset Fade
– Reset Frame & Vignette
– Reset Grain

How to install


Please see the main steps below or refer to our step-by-step setup manual (PDF).


  1. Launch Lightroom and click on the the Develop module.
  2. Go to Develop menu (on top of your screen) and choose “New Preset Folder” to create a new folder for the preset. Then type the folder name, for example “FADED FILMS – reallyniceimages.com”.
  3. Once you have created the new folder, go to Presets panel, right-click the folder you’ve just created and click Import.
  4. Navigate to where you have saved the unarchived presets files, select them and click Import. All the selected presets will be added to your Lightroom Preset collection.
  5. Enjoy.




Adobe Lightroom v4, v5 or newer
RAW / Jpeg


Please note that you need Adobe Lightroom for PC or MAC to use these presets. If you don’t have it please download free 30 days Lightroom trial from Adobe website.