Instagram presets for Lightroom:
Insta 3
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What is it?

This is a package of presets for Adobe Lightroom designed to emulate filters of the latest versions of Instagram app. We call it literary Instagram presets for Lightroom. It is a collection of 19 creative Lightroom presets emulating look & feel of Instagram 3.x filters. All the presets are developed by digital imaging experts using GretagMacbeth colour matching techniques and optimised for using in sRGB colour space to give you the best possible result.

Is it good?

Yes. It is awesome. We are proud to tell you that our Instagram presets for Lightroom are featured as one of the highest rated preset packages ever on Adobe. They are nice, expressive, subtle and absolutely film-like. So we believe we created the best Instagram for Lightroom at the moment. The result is really sweet and attractive, it is a real pleasure to see how even the ordinary photos change. True magic. See the examples below. Don’t hesitate to click samples and see hi-res to examine Insta 3′s awesomeness.

How to use it

To start using these Instagram presets you need Adobe Lightroom installed on your computer. The rest is simple and the whole installation process takes about 2 minutes. For more details please refer to “Compatibility” and “How to install” sections at the bottom of this page.

Instagram presets for
Lightroom included


– Amaro

– Mayfair
– Rise
– Hudson
– Valencia
– X-Pro
– Sierra
– Willow
– Lo-fi
– Earlybird
– Sutro
– Lily
– Toaster
– Brannan
– Inkwell
– Walden
– Hefe
– Nashwille
– 1977
– Kelvin

How to install


Please see the main steps below or refer to our step-by-step setup manual (PDF, 692k).


  1. Launch Lightroom and click on the the Develop module.
  2. Go to Develop menu (on top of your screen) and choose “New Preset Folder” to create a new folder for the preset. Then type the folder name, for example “FADED FILMS –”.
  3. Once you have created the new folder, go to Presets panel, right-click the folder you’ve just created and click Import.
  4. Navigate to where you have saved the unarchived presets files, select them and click Import. All the selected presets will be added to your Lightroom Preset collection.
  5. Enjoy.




Adobe Lightroom v 3 /4 / 5
Jpeg (if using RAW convert to Jpeg first)


Please note that you need Adobe Lightroom for PC or MAC to use these presets. If you don’t have it please download free 30 days Lightroom trial from Adobe website.