Instagram presets for Lightroom:
the ultimate collection
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What is this?

This is the most complete package of Instagram-simulating presets for Adobe Lightroom. Two products Insta-1 and Insta-7 in one ultimate package.
It is simply the most and the best of Instagram presets for Lightroom.
41 Lightroom presets in total. So you get presets simulating old and new Instagram filters.

What do we mean by “Old” and “New” Instagram filters?

Instagram was not always the same. Surprised? Well… what if we tell you that Earlybird of Instagram v.1 and Earlybird of Instagram v.2+ are two different filters though sharing the same name? This is also true for the rest of the filters. At least for those survived the dramatic update which Instagram v.2 was.

Some people still love and remember old filters believing they only had the true spirit of old-good Instagram. While some other people prefer new version for clarity and subtlety of such newly introduced filters as Amaro and Rise. And… there are also people who want to have the best of two worlds. If you are the one then we are proud to give you two collections together: Insta-1 and Insta-7 in one package. 41 filters of Instagram-1 and Instagram-6 for Adobe Lightroom. Buy it now to save $10.

How to use it

These presets work only for JPEG, very much like Instagram itself. To start using these Instagram presets you need Adobe Lightroom installed on your computer. The rest is simple and the whole installation process takes about 2 minutes. For more details please refer to “Compatibility” and “How to install” sections at the bottom of this page.


Insta 1 presets included
(1-st generation)


– X-Pro II
– Lomo-fi
– Earlybird
– Sutro
– Lily
– Toaster
– Brannan
– Inkwell
– Walden
– Hefe
– Apollo
– Poprocket
– Nashwille
– Gotham
– 1977
– Lord kelvin



Insta 7 presets included
(6x generation)


– Clarendon
– Gingham
– Moon
– Lark
– Reyes
– Juno
– Slumber
– Crema
– Ludwig
– Aden
– Perpetua
– Amaro
– Mayfair
– Rise
– Hudson
– Valencia
– X-Pro
– Sierra
– Willow
– Lo-fi
– Earlybird
– Sutro
– Lily
– Toaster
– Brannan
– Inkwell
– Walden
– Hefe
– Nashwille
– 1977
– Kelvin

How to install


Please see the main steps below or refer to our step-by-step setup manual (PDF).


  1. Launch Lightroom and click on the the Develop module.
  2. Go to Develop menu (on top of your screen) and choose “New Preset Folder” to create a new folder for the preset. Then type the folder name, for example “FADED FILMS –”.
  3. Once you have created the new folder, go to Presets panel, right-click the folder you’ve just created and click Import.
  4. Navigate to where you have saved the unarchived presets files, select them and click Import. All the selected presets will be added to your Lightroom Preset collection.
  5. Enjoy.




Adobe Lightroom v 4 / 5 / 6 / CC
Jpeg (if using RAW convert to Jpeg first)


Please note that you need Adobe Lightroom for PC or MAC to use these presets. If you don’t have it please download free 30 days Lightroom trial from Adobe website.