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Nowadays more and more of professional photographers and graphic artists are using Instagram, a new social-media creative phenomenon, in their work. The Instagram filters are really famous for their vintage character and perfect colours rendering. The one thing that might limit Instagram use for professionals is relatively low resolution and output quality issues of smartphones. And this is the point where Instagram presets for Lightroom come to help.

The Lightroom developing presets (or Lightroom actions) is one of the Lightroom’s most powerful tools used to speed-up pro’s workflow and keep & transfer the most successful settings to use them again and again. And it is definitely the best way to emulate Instagram filters in Lightroom.

We spent about 120 working hours (actually few months) to develop our Instagram presets for Lightroom: the ultimate package. And that is why we are proud to receive such a great feedback from digital imaging and video editing professionals from all over the world. And that is why our Instagram presets for Lightroom rated as One of the best Lightroom preset products ever by Adobe customers.

Our product’s main goal is photo developing and achieving the most Instagram-like and the most emotionally attractive hi-res results ever possible in Lightroom. But with it’s new edition, it is more flexed toward photo editing with Lightroom’s capabilities of noise reduction and incredible exposure control.

The Instagram effects for Lightroom are easy to use and all the amazing vintage looking images you can ever achieve are in just a couple of clicks away.

Even the most serious photo and video professionals should consider the Instagram presets for Lightroom we developed to be a part their daily workflow. Just use our safe Private and secure payments powered by GumRoadâ„¢ to download Instagram presets for Lightroom: the ultimate package. Start using it right now and enjoy the best Instagram effects for Lightroom ever developed.

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