Achieve real film look while shooting digital

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Digital Tools Born from Film Emulsions

All RNI photo editing products derive from real film emulsions and are carefully crafted to recreate the look and feel of your favourite film brands in the most realistic manner, transferring the distinctive tonal richness and colour harmony of analog photography into digital. 


Products that Suit Your Process

 RNI film simulation is available in various forms for desktop and mobile users, photographers and videographers*. This makes for a perfect lineup of creative tools seamlessly integrated into your digital workflow.

Lightroom / ACR presets,
C1 styles
iOS Apps
LUTs for Videographers
— coming soon

For Lightroom / ACR / C1 users

RNI All Films

Beautiful and accurate film profiles and presets for Lightroom, and film styles for Capture One — all made after real film stocks. RNI All Films is a great artistic tool that empowers you to take the most out of your digital equipment.

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For mobile photographers

iOS Apps

Amazing companion apps for photography aficionados.
RNI Films — real film simulator and a powerful image editor.
RNI Flashback — makes unique and pronounced analog looks in one tap.
RNI Colibri — makes your colour pop in a smart and intelligent way

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For videographers

RNI All Films - Video

Brings the look and feel of photographic films to your video editing process. Will be available later this year as a library of real-film LUTs tailored to the needs of professional videographers.

Coming soon

RNI Desktop Products Compared

All Films 4
All Films 5
Built after real film stocks
Lightroom & Photoshop ACR version¹
Sync to Lightroom Mobile¹
Capture One version¹
Film looks, generation²
gen 4
gen 5
Film looks aligned with RNI Films for iOS³
Profile-based (does not touch adjustment sliders)
Adjustment-based (uses adjustment sliders)
Non-destructive editing
Profiled to cameras
Native look strength adjustment
Film-like highlight compression

1. Adobe Lightroom and Capture One versions of our products are sold separately in order to sustain our work. Some minor variation in the visual output between the two may occur, that's due to fundamental differences between the Adobe and Phase One rendering engines.

2. Film look generations are basically major revisions of our entire film library. Sometimes we have to rebuild our whole library of digital tools from the ground to address new technological opportunities or simply make it much better.

3. If coming from mobile background, you may be looking for the same style and characteer you had in RNI Films for iOS, plus some perks of professional RAW workflow and hi-end visual output. This is what only a profile-based product like RNI All Films 5 can do.

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