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Our values

RNI is a small London-based art & technology company. We help creative people from all over the world to enjoy their lives by providing beautifully crafted and diverse tools for their creative expression.

A quality-focused company

RNI is a quiet and quality-focused company. Community management, content marketing, seasonal promo campaigns, paid reviews, brand ambassador programs — those are the things we don't do.

Instead we prefer to focus our best effort on perfecting our products, achieving incredible aesthetics and consistency, and bringing real human soul into the digital medium.

How RNI's products are different from other offers in the market?

RNI has been around long enough, so we can certainly name things which we do differently. Here are just a few:

1. Distinctive Aesthetics.
RNI Film profiles, presets and film styles provide realistic simulation of real film stocks. We invest an absolutely enormous amount of time and effort into nailing down the colours to achieve the colour harmonies which are beautiful, versatile and complete. And then we spend even more time and effort to test it across a wide range of camera models, lighting situations and subjects. This is why RNI is often referred to as an industry benchmark and the tool of choice by so many professional photographers and enthusiasts.

2. Striking diversity.
RNI All Films - Pro is probably the most comprehensive single film-simulating product line that exists in the market, offering almost 300 beautiful and accurate simulations of real film stocks in multiple process variations.

3. Continuous development and constant improvements.
Our products are constantly evolving. We are not only adding new films but also keep improving their quality and sophistication of the existing presets with every new release.

4. Attention to our long-term customers.
We do what we love for the people who love what we do. Quite often a new product stands on the shoulders of the work done previously. To reflect this fact and to avoid charging you for the same thing twice we offer attractive upgrade discounts to all our existing customers.

Sales & discounts

That's what we don't do, apart from solid upgrade discounts for our existing customers. Unlike other businesses RNI doesn't have any seasonal, occasional or institutional discounts. Nor do we run any sales. Our prices are the same for everyone.

On the bright side, however, you can buy our products whenever you need them and never get frustrated over missing a sale.

Refunds & returns

RNI film presets, film styles and customised camera profiles are intangible digital goods and can't be returned or exchanged. All our sales are final. So if you are having any questions related to a certain RNI product, its usage, compatibility etc. please try the free demo versions available from our store or get in touch before you buy.

RNI for Adobe Lightroom / ACR

How to install

To install RNI film presets for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop (ACR) please follow the PDF instructions included in your download package. The installation process may differ depending on your operating system, RNI product version and Adobe software.

Please note that in Windows 10 and later some of the installation locations can be hidden by default. To show hidden files and folders in Windows please refer to the instructions provided by Microsoft.

All Films 4 vs 5, what's the difference?

The All Films 4 has been around for years. It is a very solid film simulator and a tool of choice for many professional photographers, studios and keen hobbyists. However as the underlying technology evolves we'd like to evolve too and explore new ways of building the new tools that enrich people's creative expression. That's how All Films 5 came to life. It's not a replacement for All Films 4, it's just a new and a very different product based on different underlying principles.

Among its features are:

  • New film looks—new flavours of your favourite film stocks.
  • Profile-based design—which means film looks are now applied via special adjustable profiles. This leaves your Lightroom sliders untouched and allows to adjust the strength of each film look. Also this approach allows us to model our film profiles outside of Lightroom and achieve really beautiful and precise colour separation, something that has not been possible with Lightroom adjustments alone.
  • Film-like highlight compression—your whites will never clip, no matter how hard you push them, just like film.
  • Native amount adjustment—as mentioned above—the strength of each film look can now be adjusted.

Please refer to the product page to find out more about RNI All Films 5 and check the image samples: https://reallyniceimages.com/products/rni-all-films-5-pro-for-adobe-lightroom.html

Customised camera profiles

Some of the RNI's products for the Adobe platform come with customised camera profiles for a range of supported cameras. Our profiles are designed to provide finer data extraction, especially in highlights, and create base looks with more film-like tonal response prior to applying film presets.

Please note that those are camera profiles. They are used for converting RAW data into RGB values before simulating different types of film stock. These profiles do not contain any creative effects and are not supposed to be selected manually by humans, only automatically by the presets. Each RNI film preset 'knows' which profile it is designed for and selects it automatically.

Can I use RNI film presets for my JPEGs?

The RNI's film presets are designed with RAW workflow in mind. However they can also perform very well for properly exposed JPEGs from modern cameras. In case of JPEG workflow some additional brightness and contrast correction may be required, depending on the product.

RNI for Phase One Capture One

How to install

To install RNI film styles for Phase One Capture One please refer to the instructions available via your product download link. The installation instructions ma differ for different products.

Layers support

RNI All Films 4 - Pro for Capture One implements the best possible support for Capture One layers allowing you to adjust film intensity and even mix different film looks if required.

However some of the Capture One adjustments, like film grain, can't be applied to Capture One layers while some other adjustments like curves may affect more than one layer at once. We hope that Phase One will be able to add full layer support for all of their tools and adjustments and better isolate layer adjustments from each other in the future.

RNI All Films 5 for Capture One does not support layers. That's because it is based on ICC profiles and Capture One does not allow to apply ICC profiles to its layers.

'Extreme' versions

When using RNI All Films 4 for Capture One, you may notice that some of our film styles come with 'extreme' versions. In many cases, when working with RAW files, these versions may give you more natural-looking results with even more film-like tonal curve, especially in highlights.

However these looks come at a price. First — they work for RAW only. Second — they may contain some extreme values of RAW adjustments leaving you with not too much room for your own edits. Also such versions may not be fully supported by Capture One layers or produce unexpected results when applied to layers.

So using the 'extreme' style versions can be highly rewarding, however it also requires more skill and discipline from the photographer. Generally your skill and judgement of lighting should be quite good to get the image right straight out of camera and fully benefit from these styles.

RNI for mobile

Do you have RNI Films for Android?

These days many great cameraphones are running on Android indeed. And so many photographers are using the platform too. Developing for Android is what we would really love to do. But unfortunately that's not viable for RNI right now.

Mainly because of a significant revenue gap between iOS and Android as well as some platform-specific challenges like high OS and device fragmentation, inconsistent colour management and piracy. 

So at the moment the best way to experience RNI film simulation on Android is choosing one of our products for Adobe Lightroom.

If you are an Adobe Creative Cloud customer, you can sync your RNI film presets to Lightroom Mobile and use them on your Android device.

Please find more RNI products for various platforms in our store.

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