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RNI Aerochrome
Infrared Film Simulation for
Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop ACR
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Crafted with love
This collection of film profiles is inspired by Kodak Aerochrome—a now discontinued specialist film sensitive to both infrared and visible parts of spectrum. Each profile is handcrafted and meticulously tested by RNI with a great deal of love and care.
Rediscover infrared film aesthetics.
Make your photos look surreal and stunning
with RNI Aerochrome.
Non-destructive editing
RNI Aerochrome does not alternate your original photos. So all its edits can be reverted or readjusted at any time.
Easy to use on desktop and mobile
Take RNI Aerochrome wherever you go. Sync it to Lightroom Mobile via Creative Cloud and use on your phone or tablet.
Boost colour!
Tune down or boost the intensity of your infrared look with the Strength adjustment slider. The adjustment works smoothly and natively to your Adobe software.
Image Samples
Profiles & Presets Included
Infrared films
Aerochrome 01 (grainy & clean)
Aerochrome 02 (grainy & clean)
Aerochrome 03 (grainy & clean)
Aerochrome 04 (grainy & clean)
Aerochrome 05 (grainy & clean)
Aerochrome 06 (grainy & clean)
Aerochrome 07 (grainy & clean)
Aerochrome 08 (grainy & clean)
Aerochrome 09 (grainy & clean)
Aerochrome 10 (grainy & clean)
Aerochrome 11 (grainy & clean)
Aerochrome 12 (grainy & clean)
Aerochrome 13 (grainy & clean)
Aerochrome 14 (grainy & clean)
Aerochrome 15 (grainy & clean)
Aerochrome 16 (grainy & clean)
Aerochrome 17 (grainy & clean)
Aerochrome 18 (grainy & clean)
RNI Toolkit
- Fade
- Hard Fade
- Grain settings for various ISO values
- Slide Frames
- Smart Contrast
- Vignette
- Analog Softness
- Vintage Lens Effect
Installation & Requirements
Installation Manuals
All the manuals are included in your installation package.
Please check your download receipt for the links to the instructions.
System requirements
An up-to-date version of Adobe Lightroom Classic or Adobe Lightroom (former Lightroom CC) or Adobe Photoshop Camera RAW

Please note that you'll need Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop in order to use this product. If you don’t — you can always get a free trial from Adobe:

Download: free 30 days Lightroom trial
Download: free 30 days Photoshop trial

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