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RNI ALL Films 5 - Demo
Real Film Simulation for Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop ACR
for Capture One – not available, not expected soon

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Demo Version
Try some of the RNI All Films 5 presets for free before you buy All Films 5 - Pro or All Films 5 - Lite. Create an emotional essence in your photography with RNI All Films for Lightroom and Photoshop ACR.


Agfacolor 40's

Kodak E 200

Kodak Portra 400

Polaroid 690 muted

Ilford Delta 100

Rediscover film aesthetics.
Bring the magic touch of analogue film
into your digital workflow.
More than just presets
RNI All Films 5 incorporates real film colour profiles. This enables really sophisticated and precise colour transformations which are far beyond what's been possible with Lightroom colour adjustments alone.
Better Than LUTs
Unlike typical LUT packages, RNI All Films 5 not only transforms RGB values but also achieves more natural film-like tonal response by recovering otherwise hidden data from RAW files.
Film-like highlight
With RNI All Films 5 your highlights will never clip, no matter how far you push them. Look! No clipping!
Native amount adjustment
You can tune it down or even push beyond 100% in some cases. All smoothly and natively. Magic!
Non-destructive editing
RNI All Films 5 does not alternate your original photos. So all its edits can be reverted or readjusted at any time.
Easy to use on desktop and mobile
Take RNI All Films 5 wherever you go. It can be synced to Lightroom Mobile via Adobe Creative Cloud, for both iOS and Android.
Image Samples
Presets Included
Negative films
Kodak Portra 400
Slide films
Kodak E 200
Instant films
Polaroid 690 muted
Vintage films
Agfacolor 40s
B&W films
Ilford Delta 100
Installation & Requirements
Installation Manuals
All the manuals are included in your installation package.
Please check your download receipt for the links to the instructions.
System requirements
An up-to-date version of Adobe Lightroom Classic or Adobe Lightroom (former Lightroom CC) or Adobe Photoshop Camera RAW

Please note that you'll need Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop in order to use these presets. If you don’t — you can always get a free trial from Adobe:

Download: free 30 days Lightroom trial
Download: free 30 days Photoshop trial

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