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Profile-based film presets for Adobe Lightroom CC / ACR
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Film simulation that works like a charm

* Processed with Kodak Portra 400 preset, +0.5EV
Born from film
All RNI film presets derive from real film stocks. RNI is a group of analog photography experts working hard to recreate the rendering of some present and discontinued photographic films and preserve it for the generations to come. All RNI film presets and profiles are top-notch image editing tools created using the best equipment and with a great deal of love and care.
Made in cooperation with Adobe
Our flagship film simulation package RNI All Films - Pro has quickly became an industry benchmark and the tool of choice for many professional photographers and enthusiasts. But as technology evolves who knows what comes next?

Try RNI Films CC - 01. This beautiful package of experimental profile-based presets is created by RNI in close cooperation with the Adobe Lightroom team following the Adobe's engineering advice and best practices. 

Please also note that this package is released on the same date as the Adobe's new software which supports it. So it is a very much experimental tool aimed at early adopters. We would strongly encourage you to drop us a message if you experience any unexpected effects while using it.
More flexibility, more control
RNI Films CC - 01 uses the power of the Adobe's new profiling engine to recreate your favourite film looks in one click. Now all the core film-related settings are contained within a profile so you can apply it in the very first place and then make your own adjustments on top of it.

This also allows you to adjust the strength of the film look with a dedicated slider. Isn't that what everybody was asking for for so long?
V. 1.1
  • Better smoother rendering. This update fixes some odd image artefacts which could appear in gradients in some cases.
V. 1.0
  • Everything is new
Image Samples
Presets Included
Fuji Natura 1600 / Grainy / Clean
Fuji Natura 1600 - II / Grainy / Clean
Kodak Portra 400 / Grainy / Clean
Fuji Pro 400H / Grainy / Clean
Fuji Superia 200 / Grainy / Clean
Fuji Superia 200 - HC / Grainy / Clean

Polaroid 690 - Muted

Agfacolor 40's / Grainy / Clean
Kodachrome 1958 / Grainy / Clean
Kodachrome 50's / Grainy / Clean
Installation & Requirements
How to install
Please refer to our step-by-step installation manual (PDF)
System requirements
Adobe Lightroom CC or Classic CC,
or Adobe Photoshop CC Camera RAW 

Please note that you need Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop to use these presets. If you don’t have it, you can always get a free trial from Adobe:

Download: free 30 days Lightroom trial
Download: free 30 days Photoshop trial

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