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RNI All Films 4 - Demo
State of the art analogue film styles
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Film simulation that works like a charm

* Processed with Agfa Optima 100 02 EV- - Grainy style
Demo version
This demo contains a few film styles selected from the Pro version of the product (with C1 layers support). Try RNI All Films 4 for Capture One to find out whether it fits your process and vision.
State of the art film simulation
RNI All Films for Capture One is designed to bring the magic touch of analogue film into your digital workflow. This package contains an impressive library of beautifully crafted film styles made after real analog film stocks. Rediscover film aesthetics. Create an emotional essence in your photography with RNI All Films.
Born from film
RNI is a group of photography experts working hard to recreate the rendering of some present and discontinued photographic films and preserve it for the generations to come. All RNI film styles are top-notch image editing tools created after real film stocks using the best possible equipment and with a great deal of love and care.
Subtle, elegant, easy to use
At RNI we stand up for good taste. Natural colour harmony of analog photos, timelessness and human craftsmanship are at the core of RNI image processing tools. Thanks to the rich feature set of Capture One and its easy installation process — the RNI film styles are just one click away. Getting the most from your RAW files and digital negatives has never been easier.
V. 4.1
  • Added 10 Black & White film simulations including Ilford Delta and Kodak T-Max and others.
  • Added Capture One 11 compatibility.
V. 4
  • First ever release of RNI All Films for Capture One, so everything is new.
Image Samples
Film Styles Included

Agfa Optima 100 - EV- Grainy
Agfacolor 50s - 03 Grainy
Fuji Natura 1600 - 02 Grainy
Installation & Requirements
How to install
Please refer to the installation instructions included in your product download.
System requirements
Phase One Capture One 10, 11, 12, 20, 21 and newer.
Also fully compatible with Capture One for Fujifilm, Sony etc.

RAW / jpeg *

Please note that you'll need Capture One to use these styles.
If you don’t have it, you can always get a free trial from Phase One.

* This product is designed for RAW editing. However it can work very well for tiff/jpeg images too. In case of tiff/jpeg editing some additional exposure/levels correction may be required.

RNI Desktop Products Compared

All Films 4
All Films 5
Built after real film stocks
Lightroom & Photoshop ACR version¹
Sync to Lightroom Mobile¹
Capture One version¹
Film looks, generation²
gen 4
gen 5
Film looks aligned with RNI Films for iOS
Profile-based (does not touch adjustment sliders)
Adjustment-based (uses adjustment sliders)
Non-destructive editing
Profiled to cameras
Native look strength adjustment
Adobe only
Film-like highlight compression
Adobe only

1. Adobe Lightroom and Capture One versions of our products are sold separately in order to sustain our work. The exact product features may vary between the Adobe and Capture One versions, please check the product pages for full details. Some minor variation in the visual output between the two may occur, that's due to fundamental differences between the Adobe and Phase One rendering engines.

2. Film look generations are basically major revisions of our entire film library. Sometimes we have to rebuild our whole library of digital tools from the ground to address new technological opportunities or simply make it much better.

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